The Tides of Existence Pull Me In



Life might finally be getting forming into a semblance of normality.  Now maybe with a little bit of space between the cracks of trying to break even, I can move ahead.

It is amazing to me how much a simple schedule change for the day to day job can literally eat up more time than you or I ever thought possible.  Maybe it’s just me.  Anyway, that part has settled ‘somewhat’ though my day to day is completely different.  But what is life if not ever changing?

The best sign, to me, that I can still make all of this happen is that I am writing this.  I still can’t get over how driving ten to twenty miles per hour for two to three hours a day saps my very will to think.

Ha!  And this has now taken two days to write.  Did I speak too quickly?  Mayhap, but the heart of the situation still holds true.  I am still writing this.

Besides life and employment changes, what else is going on?  Well… I thought I had my business plan figured out but I was wrong.  I didn’t know enough.

“You know nothing, Jon…”

Shh, Ygritte, I know that I know nothing.

On the plus side, I now have an alternate plan and I think it might work even with knowing that I not nearly enough.  We shall see.

Another new thing is that I may be working on is a story collaboration with a friend of mine!  I am rather excited about this project since I haven’t done anything like it in book form.  I have done it in script form and it was always a lot of fun.

We are still working out the details of the world, the characters and all of the essential structure parts.  I am sure I’ll post about it or maybe even share it.

We shall see!

Business Plans in Writing and the Inconsistencies of Life


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I am finally narrowing down how I will plan on doing the whole business side of this writing addiction that I have.  Even with everything I have learned and actually having a plan now, I still have too many questions.  So now it’s the time to just dive in and get things rolling, right?

I mean that’s how I started writing in the first place.  What could go wrong?

Well I won’t know until it does to be honest but hey that’s part of life.  And life is throwing quite a few curveballs this summer.  What goes best with the various personal explosions we all have to deal with at times?  Why regular job type changes on top of that, of course.

When I started this blog, I had great hopes to write a short story at least three times a week while working on my book(s) and still attempt to live a life.  Silly me.

Now I do have a stack of ideas for stories but they don’t lend themselves well to the short story format.  The book(s) are definitely taking up way more of my writing time than I had expected, especially the editing and revisions.  On top of that, more time is spent in mapping out how the story will finish.

Seriously, my brain is constantly going through it and looking at everything and making sure the continuity is correct, that the important questions be answered.  While I’m awake it is going through it, while I’m asleep it keeps going through it.

When I started the Nun with a Gun, it was going to just be a word exercise to play with descriptive techniques.  It is now much larger than that and I am happy about it.

Now trying to divert my brain from the books to focus on it is becoming more difficult as life keeps throwing those curveballs… and I have to make a decision on the whole business side of this endeavor.


Rewriting My Third Novel, Black Matilda Pt. 1


writing-1149962_1920I was feeling pretty good after my last rendition of Twistin’ Matilda and finally got my where-with-all up to jump back into the quagmire that was Black Matilda.  And I was surprised.  It actually flowed well for the most part.

Unlike the second one, the characters held true to who they were.  The problems were relatively standard.  Some of the wording was jumbled.  Some of the new characters needed adjusting and the locations needed some beefing up.  But it was better than I expected.

So strangely enough, I was actually enjoying the story.  I mean I knew there was hope for it but it just seemed like such an insurmountable wall that I didn’t want to start the excavation.  But a lot of it flew past.  I had forgotten some of the directions it went and they were as interesting to me as I hope they are to others.

I learned a lot in the writing of this one.  I had to adjust many of my expectations and many of my processes for writing.  But the most important lesson I picked up from this one is that perseverance is worth the trouble.  As much as every minute of writing this thing was painful, the payoff was there in the long run.

Parasite in the Brain


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Lack of sleep allows a person to see the truth

For every mistake, every error, every failure

Is a cut to the soul

Once it is all bled away, this shell will die

Suffering from the parasite in the brain


The voices whisper their way to the back of the mind

No one speaks them better than you

Words that pierce the soul

There is no way out, no escape to be found

Suffering from the parasite in the brain


Anger keeps the demons at bay but how long can this last

Molded from clay but lessons learned quickly

Resolve is shaken, value is lost

Perseverance the only thing to keep you standing

Suffering from the parasite in the brain

The Travails of Travel and How to Survive With the Help of Friends


The last few days have been fun, interesting, sad and annoying.  We had gone up to South Dakota and had a lovely time in the Black Hills.  Beautiful countryside, enough wind to keep it cool and good company all around.

It was on the way back home that I realized that I had lost my phone.  This is a first for me.  I have completely destroyed a phone on accident but I have never lost one.  Just like anyone else, my brain is stored in there.  Random thoughts, notes, calendars appointments and the like were no longer available to me.  In some ways it has been refreshing, in many others absolutely troublesome.  But c’est la vie.

I came to realize that I had damaged my wrist when it was my stint at the wheel.  Steering became arduous but as I was to learn over the next few days, many other things were difficult.  Typing was painful as was reading a book or magazine.  Playing my ukulele, which is one of my stress relievers, was now a burning experience.  But c’est la vie.

Then the car blew a rod and we rolled to a stop in a tiny town on a Sunday in Wyoming.  Thank goodness my wife had cell reception otherwise I’d still be there.  But you know what?  No one works on a Sunday in the middle of nowhere or well not many people that is.  We finally got it towed to Nebraska and ended up staying the night since that was all we could do.  Qui n’avance pas, recule, right?

After the wonderful assistance of my friend Rosy (may fortune smile forever upon her), I was able to call into my regular job and let them know I would not be coming in at all.  A quick wander back to the repair shop and they won’t be able to look at it for a few days.  But I needed to get back so I could work.  Car rental prices to Colorado, for whatever reason, are insane.  My friends Bob and Sarah (may fortune smile forever upon them) drove all the way out and picked us up. Apres la pluie, le beau temps.

So we made it back home and I could go back to work.  But my computer decided that now was the best moment to break.  Oh and the car was still in Nebraska.  No problem, I can fix the computer and we will get the car towed down here.  Little did we know that there would be a delay of three days before this could be done?  Three days and our other vehicle just made it out of the shop.  Timing is everything.

The computer is back and there was much rejoicing.  I have to wait another day for the car to get down here and then probably until next week to find out if the engine will need to be replaced.

Un jour sans vin est comme, un jour sans soleil.  And boy do I need some wine.

Rewriting My Second Novel, Twistin’ Matilda Pt. 3


Slowly but surely I’ve gotten replies from some of my beta readers in regards to the latest version of Twistin’ Matilda.

The biggest problem, so far, has been that a large section of the story was missing.  Now I didn’t notice it was missing but it was deftly pointed out.  It was like this, one of the characters got from point A to point B but there was no explanation as to how.  There wasn’t even an answer as to why.  So I wrote it up, perused it twice and sent it back out.  As of now, it has received solid approval.

The overall consensus is that it’s a much better story.  It fits with the first one much better. The characters are true to themselves and the story flow doesn’t bog down.

I have a few more responses I am waiting for from my accomplices… err I mean my test audience.  I can’t wait to see what they have to say.

Getting My Learn On Pt.3 – Publishing


When I sat there quietly wondering what else I didn’t know, a voice came to me, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”  Thanks Ygritte.

But she’s right.  Oh how little I knew.

Should I set up a publishing company?  If so what kind?  If not, should I just create a DBA?  What’s needed to get an ISBN, LCCN and Copyright?  How many ISBNs would I need?  Should I get an ISBN or no?  If I don’t have an ISBN, I can’t get an LCCN.

The follow up is then what formats do I need and where to make it available?  Mobi, epub or kobo are the main formats used by most retailers for ebooks.  But what about print books and all the tweaks on formatting for those?   And each one would require its own ISBN.

Should I cross my fingers with a traditional publisher then?  My book is not a traditional length as it is so this may hurt it.

Luckily, ye olde internets was here to offer me almost every conceivable answer on every question.  I know more now but I am still working away at the eventual decision.

Thanks Ygritte.