From the brain of Jon Gray Lang…


Born on the other side of the world in the wondrous land of Oz, I have since settled just shy of the soaring peaks of the Rockies.  Along my life’s journey, I’ve written a handful of screenplays, shot a few films and even been an actor.  I’m still pretty handy with a sword, not too shabby on a pair of skis and I can bang out a tune on a ukulele.  With such an odd set of skills, writing books seemed the perfect fit!

I bit the bullet back in 2014, published the Matilda in 2018 and the latest in the series, secret Matilda was just released.  The fifth one, Waltzing Matilda is set to be released in 2022.

Join the crew of the space freighter Matilda as they fight their way through shadowy government agencies, crime lords, their pasts, and monstrosities from an unknown layer of the universe.  Will they learn to trust each other as the galaxy falls apart around them?