The times… They are toughened

I keep checking my personal calendar and I am falling behind.  I need to make some notable progress on one of the writing projects on my docket, but the muse… she has left the building.

I know life can get crazy, but right now it feels like crazy is the norm.  With so many “must do’s” piled up in front of me, it makes brain time for word-smithing a highly sought after commodity.  And while I have chipped quite a few of those tasks down to either completion or waiting on some other piece of the all consuming puzzle to arrive, the pile remains unconquered.

The Puzzle! 


As you click the pieces together, it separates you from your soul…

Hmm, fun idea for a soul trap or demonic possession story.

Err, well so I guess the muse is still hovering above me.   That means it’s just me and my harshly used gray matter that is the stop block to the floodgates of my imagination…

and the fingers to put the words down…


Future Plans


What does the future hold, you ask?  Why everything, of course.

Things are moving along at a decent pace. I have my next release mostly set up to go and my timeline for all that fun stuff has been updated. As far as I know right now, I have all my T’s crossed and my I’s dotted.

With the next one essentially prepped, I am now working through the next set of releases.  And they dearly need the attention.  Editing, editing, editing, oh as far as the eye can see…

Oh, and I am back to work on the last of the Matilda series as a first draft, because it wants to be done and I want it done too.  My collaboration story with Tyson K. Lane is making its way along as well.  Whew.

On top of all that, I have a few new stories in the works with a plan to revisit some older ones and flesh them out a bit more.

Why?  Well… because they won’t leave me alone.

Other Exciting Tales in the Pursuit of Publishing Pt. 2


Progress, progress, progress…

While there were still a lot of the legal steps to go through, things are slowly moving forward.  I have released my first novelette!  I also have some releases that are mostly ready to go (not just yet, though.  There’s a bit of license agreement bits to work on).

And to make all of this happen, I have become a business!  Well, as far as the government is concerned.  This turned out to be much simpler than I had expected and then much more difficult than I had anticipated.

So, celebrations are in order.

Next on my long list is the creation of the rest of my seller licenses.  The first one was easy, but there are multiple ebook store fronts out there.  And while these appear to be simple, if I have learned anything, it’s that taking things at face value will leave you unprepared.

I have my notes and numbers in a huge bundle and all the bits and pieces I believe that I need ready to go.  Here’s hoping this isn’t like a visit to the DMV where you stand in line only to find out you forgot that one form at home.

Anyway, here’s to taking these last few strides forward and setting this bird aloft.