Getting into the Review Process!

As I look out at the blanket of snow, I realize I’m going to have to strap on some boots and get to the shoveling.  “But it’s warm in here!” I cry.  “I don’t wanna!”

The world waits for no one or so I’ve heard.  2020 has really kiboshed my normal idea of plans in general, so I’ve kind of fallen off the rails.  Sure, I stuck to my writing, but I’ve let other things settle to the wayside.  Like, how does someone go on vacation?  Do we actually go to places or is it like a Total Recall sort of thing?  Are sweatpants still considered formal wear?  You know… stuff like that.

And other things.  I am plowing through a bunch of courses on advertising and quite a lot has changed since last year.  One activity I haven’t jumped on terribly well is getting reviews.  In the beginning (oh, silly me), I thought it was more of an organic thing and while that is true, it is harder to get a foot in that door when you only have a few books out.

While I wait on my alpha reader for Secret Matilda, I am researching the whole “getting reviews” process.  Lo and behold, there is a thing called ARC or Advanced Reader Copy which I did not know a thing about.  There are many services out there that offer readers for these Advanced copies and I am late to the party.

So, here I am getting into the whole ARC process and realize I haven’t checked for reviews on my books for a long time.  Oh! By the way, you can sign up for the ARC for The Matilda on booksprout.  For those interested, click on that blue word.

As I peruse for reviews (that is fun to say!) on different sites, I came across reviews for all three books in the Matilda series on from Dr. Susan and… Wow!  If I needed a lift, her reviews gave it to me.  I can barely focus on the task at hand because I am wiggling in my seat as I try to write this!  Thank you, Dr. Susan!  You made my week if not the month!

Whew!  I had to go stare out the window at the snow again to calm down.

I am back into the breach of classes!  A little over three hours to go… with some uh… shoveling in between.

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Rewriting My Fourth Novel, Secret Matilda Pt. 4

Continuity Error… check… check… check…

Has it really been almost two months since my last update?  Wow, I knew I’d lost track of time, but I hadn’t realized it had been that much time.

Well anyway, after weeks of checking for and catching continuity errors and the book is done!  Whew!  You have no idea how much rejoicing there was.  I don’t think I shut up about it for hours (to be perfectly honest, I’m still making noises).  Now, it’s off to my alpha reader so that they can catch all the things I couldn’t see through the crack of my swollen eyes!

A random bonus point from all that continuity checking is that I had to double-check everything I’d written for Waltzing Matilda as well.  So, I’m already knee-deep into the next one!

The plan is to pound away at the next one while I wait for those corrections.  Once I get those, then it’s back to Secret Matilda to finish prepping it for the editors.

I can’t wait to see what I missed!  (a little editing humor at the end there. Because why not?)

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Rewriting My Fourth Novel, Secret Matilda Pt. 3

I think I can see the finish line… of the first lap…

Remember when I said progress is progress?  Well, even slow progress is still a step forward.  My progress for this one slowed down quite a lot, it even came to a halt a few times.  What with the holidays, the insurrection, and that good ole virus lurking around every corner, the Covid, I’ve got valid excuses, right?

But that doesn’t mean I should have let it get behind and I did let that happen.  I expected I’d be further along than I am (I also need to remind myself of holidays and adjust my expectation on progress around them, but that’s another story).  So there I was and oh, that crazy work, life, work balance had to take a swing the other direction.

But it’s all good!  I had to buckle down for the past month (but is there really all that much going on besides all the madness?) and that lovely first draft is close to becoming a solid second draft.

I can almost taste it… like ozone and metal forks.

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Rediscovery! But is it Treasure?

The instructions were haphazardly written along the edge.  Below the earth to find the way, the map said.  Enter through the trap door hidden in the dark recesses and the light will eerily glow.  There shall you find what you thought lost and your journey complete, but what is the way out?  Had the adventurer had lost her way and struggled to remember the steps back?

Would I lose my way?

No.  Not on a trip to the crawlspace anyway.  Though, it does feel like an adventure in there, sometimes.  I recently dragged a couple of old pc towers out of that dark cave.  They had fought hard, but both had died an inglorious death about a decade ago.  Why did their bodies remain, you ask? 

Well, there were a lot of memories stored on them thar thangs!  Old video editing projects, forgotten written works in progress, and photos lost to time.  One day I would victoriously retrieve them and save my collective… um… past.  Yeah sure, sounds good, mhmm.

And I was victorious!  In truth, Désha was the one to get it done.  But I lugged those heavy bastards up into the light!  And a treasure trove she found among the chaff.  All those things we had hoped for minus the video projects for they were quite dead.

Considering how January 2021 has been playing out, it was nice to wander through those memories.  Oh, not to live in interesting times…

What’s that old saying?  Out like a lion and back in like a tornado?  Something like that, right?  It sure felt like that as it all unfolded on the news.  I was planning on writing a post about this month, but I decided I’d rather stay positive.  Getting to look back at dimly remembered days, old, salvaged thoughts and the like made for happier thoughts.

Kind of a random entry, I know.  Sometimes looking back can help you see the brightness that the future still holds.

Now, where did I leave those shades?

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Happy New Year!

I can hardly believe it. Can you believe it?

The year of 2020 is spiraling into a close… finally. For some lucky time zones, it’s already happened. We still have about ten hours left here but then BOOM! it’s done! Hmm, boom might be the wrong word to use for the last of these ridiculous 365 days, but it’s done!

I hope 2021 is kinder to all of us and we are kinder to each other because of it. I’ll raise a toast to everyone this evening and hope for a brighter, shinier future!


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Rewriting My Fourth Novel, Secret Matilda Pt. 2

Besides the shoveling of snow, I’m moving right along!

I was flying through my edit when BAM! I ran headfirst into the middle of the draft.  I found some repeated bits (some are way better than others) and other parts that are just in the wrong place.  It’s definitely slowed down my daily count, but progress is progress.

To be honest, I’m not that surprised as that is when the process I used to write the first draft changed drastically.  It just became easier to follow one character at a time and complete their part of the story.  Doing it that way has left me a ton of work to look forward to.

It’s a different editing experience that’s for sure.  I end up searching for the pieces I know I wrote. Then I can stick the bits in their proper places, nip, and tuck them for a precise fit.  It almost feels more like video editing!

Did I mention that I had to do a lot of searching?  Because I have a lot left to do, oh boy.  But I am enjoying the experience!  And I’m enjoying the story too!

And that’s the important stuff.

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An Author’s Insight discussion!

Lyndsie Clark wrote a post about her journeys as an author. She invited a few authors (including me) to give their thoughts on a couple of questions that have plagued just about every writer out there. You can check it out here!

She has written in great detail about her thoughts on the various publishing routes available, which I found very informative. She has links to these in her post as well!