Getting My Learn On Pt. 6 – Conventions


Time to go explore the world of Cons!

But Cons, Jon?  You’ve been to Cons before.

Very true but only as a spectator.  I did mention previously that this will be the first year I’ll be out and about as an author at a Con.  I have a couple lined up for 2020 and I’m waiting on approval for them.  Fingers crossed as they say.

By the way, did you need to know more than you thought you did to attend one of these as a vendor?  Color me surprised that I didn’t know everything I thought I did or thought I would need.  Like Sales Tax licenses at the state, county and city level.  Not sure how I missed that, maybe I’m just tired (probably, 2020 has been a long year already).  Good thing I’ve still got plenty of time.

I mean, I already knew about registering for them (and each one has a different registering process).  I also knew that I would need a Point of Sale system and other ways to make change.  And, of course, multiple physical copies of my books.  But I hadn’t really thought about needing other things like a tablecloth, a sign, and swag (of all things).

There have been many times that I have thanked the Maker for the internet, as dark and strange a place as it may be.  This whole process is most assuredly one of those times.  I’ve got checks in almost all my boxes now and umm… boxes of stuff are being delivered!

Still trying to find that caffeine IV drip, though.  Keep an eye out for me, would you?

Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay

Author: jongraylang

Novel Writer, Screenwriter, Filmmaker & occasionally an Actor. Handy with a Sword, Ukulele, and Skis. Author of Nun With a Gun: The Town with No Name, The Matilda, Twistin' Matilda, Black Matilda, and Secret Matilda. Writer of the upcoming Sci-Fi sequel, Waltzing Matilda.

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