Getting My Learn On Pt. 5 – Advertising

Is it true that all good ideas start with coffee? Since my days generally start with coffee and I have good ideas at some point during a day, it must be. Hmm, things to ponder…

I know, I know, it’s been a while. I’ve been neck-deep in trying to get a grasp on marketing and advertising in the ebook universe. What?

Near the end of 2019, I made my first advertisement for Facebook. I did it on a lark and mostly just to see what it would do. It was a pre-release ad and it did garner some sales. Nothing fantastic, mind you, but it did do something. I ran another ad through Facebook later on and it didn’t do much of anything. All in all, it was an interesting experiment.
The interface for their ads and reports is pretty simple and easy to work with. It makes for a nice beginner’s trainer, to be honest. The results I got were common, at least from other’s responses I came across. Other social media platforms don’t really have an advertising bend to them which I am 100% good with. But there have to be other ways to get my books out there, right?

A couple of authors I know, Kathryn Reynolds and Xero Reynolds posted about a 5-day rush course by Amazon Ad School. The class was massively informative and I learned more than I think I remember… or something like that. I ended up taking it days late and had to rush through to get all of the information but I learned so much.

I could now see why my books weren’t popping as frequently on other lists as I thought they should. I gained a much better understanding of how the search engines and suggestion systems functioned. I could see why my books weren’t showing up. It even pushed me to see why my books may or may not be desirable and how correct that. My brain is still pinging from the amount of information I learned. I have so many new things to try now.

On top of that, this year I will be attending my first Con as an author. I am excited and trepidatious about the experience. I might have to install a caffeine drip to keep my social batteries charged.

Now to get ready for my Bollywood Dance class.

Image by KEN CHO from Pixabay

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