Moving Right Along

Sorry for the long bout of silence there.  Working through my new work schedule is definitely taxing the creative juices.  Never mind all the other life stuff going on and, you know, potential nuclear war.  How many shoes are there left to drop, eh?

Anyway, I think I’m finally getting used to having my daily schedule fully reversed.  My mom is doing well, so that’s a relief.  Lots of important conversations happened during that visit.  It was great to hang out with my sister as well.  It’s been a very long time since I’ve gotten to do that.

I know, I know, this isn’t what you want me to talk about and I get it.  But all of that is mentally and creatively taxing.  And that’s taken a bite out of my enjoyment on the project.  But I am still moving forward on it!  And it will be done if it’s the last thing I do.  Well, that’s a bit morbid…  Either way, it will be done this year.  It’s only March, right?

The end of the first draft is steadily getting closer and the only other thing on my list is a bunch of obstacle course races.  And I mean a bunch!  Why did I take up this activity when my knees are garbage? 

You know what they say, “You’re never too old to pursue your dreams.”

And I wholeheartedly believe that.  I’ve come to learn that some of my dreams aren’t exactly in my skillset but that hasn’t stopped me from trying. Here’s a tiny fun fact; when I was a kid, I wanted to be a sword wielding, storytelling musician. I wanted to be an actor, a film maker, a painter and travel the world. You know, cause kids have weird sensibilities or whatever.

And I’m still on that path!  It amuses to me to no end to realize that all I ever wanted to be a was a bard.  Who knew?

What path are you on to pursue your dreams?

Author: jongraylang

Novel Writer, Screenwriter, Filmmaker & occasionally an Actor. Handy with a Sword, Ukulele, and Skis. Author of Nun With a Gun: The Town with No Name, The Matilda, Twistin' Matilda, Black Matilda, and Secret Matilda. Writer of the upcoming Sci-Fi sequel, Waltzing Matilda.

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