Man o’ War


Ship sails burst in flames like water on grease

Sweating, I grab the tiller and jaunt astray

My hands, they ache from the cold and the breeze

The ship turns slowly, far and away


Each joint and bone frozen to the brass

The great guns boom and cannon balls sail

Frost bites into the knuckles but I hold fast

The mast bucks hard and splinters against the rail


Crash, the main sail comes down hard

Almost thrown, I lash myself to the wheel

Our merry ship once a beaut’ now forever marred

Below the seas, I feel the snap of our keel


The battle lost and long forgot

My dead eyes stare at the unbroken waters

All our efforts were all for naught

Now a ship, only ghosts left from the slaughter

Author: jongraylang

Novel Writer, Screenwriter, Filmmaker & occasionally an Actor. Handy with a Sword, Ukulele, and Skis. Author of Nun With a Gun: The Town with No Name, The Matilda, Twistin' Matilda, Black Matilda, and Secret Matilda. Writer of the upcoming Sci-Fi sequel, Waltzing Matilda.

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