Book of the Week Review for The Matilda and Twistin’ Matilda!

I thought I had posted about this awesome review about not only The Matilda, but also Twistin’ Matilda! But it must have been all in my mind or in the matrix or something!

It can be found on Lyndsie Clark’s page. There are some other great reviews for books on her site as well as a collection of her own short stories and flash fiction. She has a lot of excellent insight into her journeys in writing and I look forward to reading to her first book!

Editorial Review from Literary Titan for The Matilda!

I received my first Editorial Review for The Matilda and it can be found here: Literary Titan (Do it. I know you want to click it!)

For those who don’t know (and I only learned this recently), an editorial review is not the same animal as a book review (maybe I should’ve gone with a tree analogy… because of the paper…). I can feel your groans from here, by the way.

Anyway, we all know what a regular book review is (and hopefully you’ve left a few in your time surveying the internet landscape). It’s a more personal take on the story from the reader’s opinion and it generally won’t have those quotable bits that you’ll find on book covers.

An editorial review is an unbiased review from a professional that will list the pros and cons with a comparison to the standards of the genre the story is in. And it has those quotable bits for marketing.

This writing and publishing journey has been fun, exhausting, interesting and I always learn something new!

Interview with AllAuthor!

I was asked some intriguing questions about my life and my works (including the Matilda Series) in my interview with @allauthor You can read all about it at the link below:

Jon Gray Lang was originally born in Perth, Western Australia. He wanted to be a pilot for the Air Force. Sci-Fi and Fantasy have always been his go-to genres. He is a writer, filmmaker, and actor. Author of the sci-fi series, Matilda, Jon delivers a riveting read with vivid, memorable characters. Read full interview…

Interview with Reader’s Magnet for Black Matilda!

Can you believe it? The fine folks at Reader’s Magnet interviewed me about Black Matilda!

If you wanted to know a little bit about where the story came from as well as a jot about me, go ahead and click that shiny blue link! I’ll still be here.

In other news, I am working on the corrections for Secret Matilda and hope to have it off to the editors soon!