Wane of the Keeper


Weather wicked blows so cold
Upon the crumbling walls of old

Madness whispers through the cracks
Into the mind of poor old Jack

To and fro, the lantern swings
Where luster withers, shadows cling

Sanguine flickers the beacon light
Life’s blood stipples the gelid night

Darkness comes and swallows whole
The last of Jack’s immortal soul

(photo courtesy of https://www.tinyrobotcreative.com/)

Winters of Dysphoria


The slow flutter of the dying leaves that fall loosely through the sky…

The ebbing flow of the icy waters against the rough grains of beach…

The dying beams of the sun as it falls below the shoulders of the earth…

What lies as harsh against the soul as the sands of time?

Goodbye to the sun.  Goodbye to the light.

A red moon assaults me as I sail forever into the night.

Parasite in the Brain


(image courtesy of https://morguefile.com/creative/clarita)

Lack of sleep allows a person to see the truth

For every mistake, every error, every failure

Is a cut to the soul

Once it is all bled away, this shell will die

Suffering from the parasite in the brain


The voices whisper their way to the back of the mind

No one speaks them better than you

Words that pierce the soul

There is no way out, no escape to be found

Suffering from the parasite in the brain


Anger keeps the demons at bay but how long can this last

Molded from clay but lessons learned quickly

Resolve is shaken, value is lost

Perseverance the only thing to keep you standing

Suffering from the parasite in the brain

Morning Litany


I must not sleep.  Coffee is the awakener.  Coffee fends off the little-death that brings total unconsciousness.

I will face my cup.  I will permit it to pass into me and through me.  And when it has gone past I will turn my mind to watch its path.

Where the coffee has gone, there will no longer be sleep. Only grounds will remain.

(image courtesy of https://www.goodfreephotos.com)