Caw, Caw! Cacophony of Crows


Beware the Rabbit Jack, my lad!

Teeth for Gnashing

Claws for Gashing

Capacitance and Brawn of Deviltry

Traipse in the Dank and Quake

Harsh the Gnarls

Sharp the Snarls

Coney Crunches with Mandibular Unguis

on Distended Guts Banquets Cuniculus

Grips and Gnaws

Growls from Craw

Atrocious Culmination to our Peroration

Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay

Silly Little Poems Written While Testing Keyboards


Hello?  There you are.

Looking at the clouds and staring at the stars.

Can you see the storm as it’s headed your way?

You better dash, you better stash

‘cause you sure can’t stay.

If it’s elephants or giraffes

that see you through the day.

Maybe it’s all about sandwiches

Hey, hey, hey!

Shoo, shoo.  Let me see your face.

If you do all the things, it’s gonna be a race.

Have to try and have to win.

As long as you do it with a big ole grin!

Fighting monsters in the dark of the night

What do you do when they stop for a bite?

Do you run?  Do you hide?

Saddle up, Apone!  It’s time to ride!

Image by KoalaParkLaundromat from Pixabay

Got the NaNoWriMo Blues


Can’t wake up

No matter how hard I try

Sun shines through the window

Right into my eyes

No motivation

This whole week and today

Stare at the cursor blinking

Without making headway

Plug me full of coffee

But it’s not making a dent

Still just as tired as ever

Wonder where my energy went

Less than 10 days left

Before this month is done

10,000 more words and 9 more poems

And all I want is to feel the sun

Do Not Ride Hard into the Night


Trapped in a world

of my own making

No way out that I can see

Something follows

Hot breath on my neck

Faster I run but it keeps pace with me

Surrounded by forest

With hands outstretched

Trees all around won’t let me be

Fog rolls in

Breath turns to steam

Voices burn the vapor

And still, I am not free

Loud is the gong

As it rings on repeat

I awake and find myself

Wrapped in sweat-soaked sheets

Image by Simon Wijers from Pixabay

Chrono Taxi


Tunnels and time

Everything’s fine!

We will get to then

But right now were sublime

She was quite clever

And pulled on a lever

Soon we will be there

Somewhere in the whenever

Was 1863 the year when?

Oh damn, wrong again.

Looks like we’re in China

Well, this is beyond my ken.

The door opened wide

We wandered outside

Our ride disappeared

And left us without a guide

Image by S Greendragon from Pixabay

Without You


Bright is the morning

As dusty snow swallows the peaks

The wind itself is bitter cold

And I am alone

Dark is the room

Where leaves blow in

And cobwebs hold up the walls

Empty but for me

Steam rises slowly

And the tea leaves dance

Carefree like we once were

Before that day

Rain fell hard

On that field of stone

My heart bitter and empty

When you left

Since you died

Each day past

Is harder than the last

Without you

Image by Efes Kitap from Pixabay