Ode to Dancer, Steel of My Hand


O’ blade of steel and simple grip of wood

extension of my being and joy of my heart.

Block, parry and thrust and parry again

as the air is cut.

Loud! Echoes the rasp of edge against edge

Contact broken with a simple twitch of the wrist.

Glint of metal as the blade snaps down

saved by guard of filigree.

Lightning Fast!  Your sharpened point whips out

Parried out but circling in tight.

Riposte explosion of speed and beauty

My opponent laid out.

Image by darf_nicht_mehr_hochladen from Pixabay

Choices Laid Bear


Little girl ghost with the raggedy bear

Where do you wish to go?

They say there are two directions

One up and one below.

I couldn’t leave ole raggedy bear

Where would he get to stay?

I love him so much and he needs me here

How could I go away?

Run little girl and leave me behind

Raggedy bear spoke in a voice that was gruff

This man is wicked and a danger to you

I won’t stop loving and your love for me is enough

I am no danger to you, little girl

I only offer a choice

You can come and stay with me

It only needs be said with your voice

Run little girl ghost

Run while you can

I will stay and fight for your soul

From this very dangerous man

I will stay with you dangerous man

If you let my little girl go free

I couldn’t follow her anyway

I can learn to love even you, I guarantee

I am a lonely man, raggedy bear

I would be pleased if you stayed

Trapped between realms is a lonely place

Sometimes I grow afraid

Raggedy bear leapt and wrapped the man in an embrace

Little girl ghost disappeared in a puff

A smile lit upon her lips as she faded away

Knowing that ole raggedy bear had love enough


Image by andrea candraja from Pixabay

Dance ’til the End of Time


Searching, I find that which I seek

A toadstool circle at the base of an oak

Slowly, I dance to build my mystique

Catching the eye of a woodland folk

Adorned in leaves and pine cones to boot

Upon her head sits a leafy crown

Her smile is bright, her mischief takes root

She grabs my hand and swings me ‘round

Her scent is heady

And I may swoon

My feet grow unsteady

I lose track of the tune

I have grown old but once I was free

For the fairies danced with silly old me

Image by Prawny from Pixabay