Cautionary Tales

Do you ever wonder at the creatures in the darkness?

Have you ever seen their eyes glint in the light from the stars?

Would you breathe in their scent as it wafts along with the wind?

Alone in the forest, can you feel their presence all around you?

They sense your shadows, smell your fears, and know your weaknesses.

For the fey are dark apparitions when they desire your blood…

If for no other reason than to stain their hats and teeth

while they savour your cries for help.

mage by Piotr Wompel from Pixabay

Cyclical Reflections

What is so pleasing to the soul as that which is round?

A wheel as it rolls its way on by?

A simple plate as it bears our vitality?

An umbrella as it shields us from the rain?

The effect of a dress as it fans its way out in dance?

A ring primed with promise as it encircles our finger?

A ball as it bounces or a cup that holds within its walls our joy?

Why does the round hold itself so close to our hearts?

Image by Sebastian Kopf from Pixabay

Cyphering Motifs


Colors vibrate the spectrum

causing shifts through the phases

leaving only bright reflections

of intimations in its wake

forging ripples in the grand pond

of the universe whose waves

slap against the shores

of consciousness creating

mandelbrots spiraling forever

outward yet snuggly held within

the golden ratio as it gambols

amongst the magical Circle of Fifths

Image by Hermann Traub from Pixabay