The Nun with a Gun ~ Chapter 17: Providence or Autonomy ~


(image courtesy of Cornell University Library of}

Cavanaugh spied a crumpled slip of paper at the nun’s feet.  Curiosity got the better of him as he retrieved it.  The woman’s eyes burned as he uncrumpled the note but he laughed anyway.

“A vow of silence, eh?  I can see why Tuco is so taken with you.”

Slowly, he slid the note into his vest pocket as he cupped his chin in thought, “I must say this is an unprecedented opportunity!  I can’t remember the time I had a member of the clergy as a captive audience.  Just so we understand ourselves, there has been a part of our God given religion which has always concerned me.”

He groused, “How can Man have free will when God is omnipotent?”

“Now, if God knows every single decision you’re going to make in your life, then you can’t change anything.  Free will would just be a pipe dream.”  He peered into her eyes, “Do you get me?”’

Muffled shouts sounded in the distance through the cellar walls.  As her mouth opened, he patted his pocket, “Vow of silence, remember?”

Cavanaugh looked up as began pacing.  “If the Almighty is omnipotent, then how can any decision a man makes be considered free will?”

As gunfire filtered through the floor above the cellar his voice grew louder, “I didn’t want to choose this life, but every decision I made led me down it.  If God knew, in his omnipotence, that was what I would do, well then that’s fate.  Aint no two ways about it.”

“Let’s take you for instance, Sister.  You’ve gone and murdered some of my men.”  His eyes lit with a craftiness, “And I can guarantee they weren’t the first ones you’ve ever ended.  You made the choice to break that Commandment, in the name of the church, to boot!  And the Man Above knows you made those choices.  Just as he knew them before you existed.  Hell, probably at the beginning of time itself.”

“You’re a killer just like me, Sister.  Born to be one, bred to be one and fated to be one.  And you never had a real choice in the matter.  Not one.”


Author: jonlang2014

Novel Writer, Screenwriter, Filmmaker & occasionally an Actor. Handy with a Sword, Ukulele and Skis. Writer of the upcoming Sci-Fi book The Matilda.

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