The Nun with a Gun ~ Chapter 16: Drawn & Cornered ~


The groans of a woman intermixed with the meaty thuds from fists as they slammed into flesh.  Major Cavanaugh muttered under his breath as the racket resounded out into the hallway he stood in.  The scratched, golden pocket watch slipped into his vest pocket as he bit down hard on the cigarillo that jutted from his mouth.

“Tell me where they are, woman!”

Tuco jumped in surprise when the door to the cellar opened.  The Major stood there and looked nonplussed.  His gang glanced back with guilt in their eyes.  Tuco leapt out of the way as the lit cigarillo sailed toward him.  This left the Major with an unobstructed view of the sister as she hung by her wrists from a rope that dangled from the rafters above.

“What did I say to you, Tuco?”  The Major waited but Tuco just hid his hands and looked at the ground.  “What did I say?”

“The nun was off limits,” Cole piped in.

A capricious grin flitted across Cavanaugh’s face, “That’s right.  The nun is off limits.  Does she look like he understood that, Cole?”

“No sir!  Not at all!”

“Thank you, Cole.”  Cavanaugh strolled over and glared directly into Tuco’s eyes, “Now Mr. Melendez, if an idiot like Cole can grasp this, what does that say about you?”  The Major’s boot slammed into the big man’s stomach and he sprawled out like a sick calf on the ground as he gasped for air.

“Surrounded by a bunch of dimwits,” grunted Cavanaugh before he turned on his men.  “Check the abandoned mine, you dolts!  There aint nowhere else those two timing slummys could be.  Go!”

Boone and Cole grabbed Tuco and dragged him out of the cellar.

Cavanaugh turned to the bloodied woman whose face rang with defiance, “What am I going to do with you sister? What am I going to do with you?”


Author: jonlang2014

Novel Writer, Screenwriter, Filmmaker & occasionally an Actor. Handy with a Sword, Ukulele and Skis. Writer of the upcoming Sci-Fi book The Matilda.

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